The White Stallion





This is a 1999 APHA solid cremello stallion.   He  has great bloodlines, good conformation and a great attitude.

His first foal had a HUGE hip and a baby doll head !!!

He has a great pedigree lots of  Champions : Doc O Lena ,Doc Bar , Docs Lynx,Doc Doll, Docs Freckle Doll , King Fritz , Bueno Chex , Poco Tivio , Blondy's Dude,and Croton Oil .

You can use him on paint, quarter horse, and thoroughbred mares and you will get a papered APHA foal.  He is safe to use on overo mares, you will not get a lethal white foal.  The exciting thing about cremello's is that you will always get a single or double dilute colored foal.   He will always produce palominos, buckskins, smoky blacks.  With the exception of the gray, champagne, and roan genes.

Here is a color chart which will hopefully help you understand more about cremello's.  When you breed a cremello to a sorrel or chestnut mare you will always get a palomino foal.  When you breed a cremello to black or bay mares you will usually get a buckskin foal, but you could still have a chance of getting a palomino or smoky black foal.

Sire:  Is a Beautiful Palomino, That is Very Well Bred .